Do you know what is an inflatable hot tub? And how about an inflatable SUP or a Mega Water Park?

These are just a small part of the Bestway product range, a world composed by common products like inflatable armbands, swim rings, trendy Pink Flamingos or Above Ground Pools and new categories like Inflatable Spas or Giant inflatable Water parks.

These products are becoming more and more popular, also, due to recent Covid-related restrictions, requiring the population to stay at home. This resulted in people investing more time and money into building their gardens and finding solutions to entertain the family throughout the long and hot summer.

But do you know how these products are created?

Customer-centric mentality is a key driver for us, making sure the needs of the market always are always our focus, we also strive to match that with the highest level of efficiency possible. The product development team is focused daily on finding solutions to balance these two aspects. Also, an international team divided between Europe and United States where Product Managers collect market inputs and plan the development for the multiple categories and products included in the Bestway range. Whilst Chinese engineers work on finding the most suitable technical solutions to reach our targets and develop the best products possible into reality.

Most of our products are seasonal and trend-reactive products, that’s why trend forecasting tools, exhibitions, social media phenomenon are so important and constantly monitored by the team in order to “ride the right waves” and offer the correct products to the market.

Market data and concrete feedback from final users are extremely relevant as well, which is why we are always implementing more data analysis procedures and systems, to effortlessly acquire the information from multiple sources and implement a “data-informed” decision making process (as separately advised by our Digital Marketing and E-commerce Manager in his article) that is based on data and information, but is driven by people’s ideas and team working contribution.

Marco Villa (Product Manager)